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04 November 2009 @ 11:33 pm
i'm just gonna go ahead and apologize for all the b&w icons. finding a new way to do b&w icons is like finding a new coloring and i had way too much fun with it :P and i'm gonna keep on making those damn MJ icons because i have three decades to catch up on and i just miss that boy more and more every day ♥

[001-010] emma watson
[011-017] anna paquin
[018-020] blake lively
[021-027] leighton meester
[028-067] michael jackson
[068-076] michael jackson animated
[077-085] nina dobrev
[086-092] kaya scodelario
[093-101] taylor momsen
[102-107] kristen stewart
[108-108] new moon
[109-116] robert pattinson
[117-120] vampire diaries

[x15] wallpapers: michael jackson, robert pattinson & kristen stewart

[+] requests: jonas brothers, supernatural, michael jackson & more!



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17 October 2009 @ 05:46 pm



i'm gonna go ahead and stare at it forever, kthxbai!

25 September 2009 @ 10:38 am
21 September 2009 @ 02:10 am
this batch is WAY too big. consider that a warning. i'm serious dudes. enter at your own risk :P

[001-017] the beatles animated
[018-024] the beatles
[025-037] dirty dancing animated - R.I.P, PATRIC SWAYZE
[038-050] evan rachel wood
[051-055] gossip girl
[056-067] gossip girl cast - leighton meester, ed westick & blake lively
[068-079] gossip girl animated
[080-087] harry potter cast - daniel radcliffe & emma watson
[088-089] michael emerson
[090-123] michael jackson
[124-157] michael jackson animated
[158-168] new moon
[169-186] new moon animated
[187-194] titanic
[195-197] the office animated
[198-200] paul wesley
[201-207] nicholas hoult
[208-214] true blood animate
[215-225] twicast - robert pattinson, taylor lautner & kristen stewart

[x06] wallpapers: paul wesley, michael jackson, ed westwick & new moon


i know i am someone!Collapse )


30 August 2009 @ 05:32 am
i was originally gonna post these on the 29th, but it came and went and here i am on the 30th, awake at 5:07 in the morning. nothing else to say, really, other than that these are for you Michael. happy birthday :)

oh god. listening to childhood makes me so sappy :P

[001-006] gossip girl
[007-021] harry potter cast
[022-028] harry potter animated
[029-036] leighton meester
[037-066] michael jackson
[067-098] michael jackson animated
[099-104] new moon
[105-107] rachel mcadams
[108-118] skins
[119-139] true blood
[140-155] twicast
[x06] wallpapers: michael jackson, lost & new moon


people say i'm not okayCollapse )


27 August 2009 @ 11:33 pm

i changed my layout over at wecrash, which of course meant that i had to change this layout too because that's how my brain works and that's what ALWAYS happens. i hope you like it! i've literally been staring at it for the past 15 minutes. LOVE!

she's just a girl who claims that i am the one...

both of these will be posted as wallpapers in my next batch, btw :)


i thought of so many things to say when posting this batch but right now my mind's completely blank! all i really wanna write about is how much i miss MJ - but most of you couldn't really care less so i'll just keep those thoughts to myself or just pile it on my flist which i totally do - sorry :) ANYWAY: here they are! my flist has been pushing me to post these for what feels like months, and TADA! i did it! now shower me with sparkly presents and MJ t-shirts! i made some skins, true blood, harry potter, new moon, gossip girl, startrek and some other stuff! i also made just bout 100 MJ icons, but i put those separately at the bottom so neither the MJ fans nor the ones that aren't will have to sift through all the useless stuff they couldn't care less about :D also: bad news guys, but i think i wont be making those requests. i know - i'm a bit of a bitch - but i really can't force myself through them! it just doesn't work! i've tried around 3 times and every time i quit and start making other icons. I'M SO SORRY! you're welcome to poke me with sharp things if you like; i deserve it! now on to the more important stuff. this entry is INSANELY long - so good luck getting through it :)

[001-006] adam lambert animated
[007-012] blake lively
[013-017] ed westwick
[018-027] emma watson
[028-041] gossip girl
[042-054] harry potter animated
[055-065] zachary quinto & chris pine
[066-085] skins
[086-091] star trek
[092-094] taylor momsen
[095-105] true blood
[106-126] twicast
[127-134] new moon animated
[x01] wallpapers: adam lambert

[001-053] stills
[053-093] animated
[x10] wallpapers


you crossed your heart, you quit!Collapse )



HI GAIS! i'm bored over here in sweden-land, so i figured i'd give you guys a heads-up on what to look forward to when i get back to icon-making!

there'll be plenty of skins, lotsandlots of true blood, probably some HP, and i'll post the requests of course - *dodges thrown shoes* - and last but definitely WAY above least, i'll be making a ridiculous amount of michael jackson icons - animated and stills - because i feel like i need a way - other than walking around singing his songs at the top of my lungs day in and day out - to honor him. we have lost someone we took for granted and i really just need to show how much i regret all the pain he went through, and i can only really do that through my AWESOMEGRAPHICALTALENTS :D 

oh my. watch me get all sentimental. i'm gonna go dig myself a hole and hide in it now.

also: if you have any specific show or episode or movie or actor or something you want iconed, suggest it and i'll see if i can get around to it when i get back :D

i am never making icons on my laptop again - they are fuggly - which means this will be my last update in just about 5 weeks since i'm going back to sweden for the summer. sadly, it's not the requests - I HAVE STARTED, THEY ARE JUST HARDER TO MAKE THAN I'D THOUGHT - but hopefully these are good enough for your attention! some new subjects in this batch - two of my new obsessions: skins and true blood - which are both completely epic, to be honest :D

[001-011] ashley greene
[012-015] ashley greene animated
[016-025] robert pattinson
[026-032] alice in wonderland
[033-041] the lion king
[042-047] ed westwick
[048-051] emma watson
[052-058] gossip girl
[059-068] gossip girl animated
[069-077] harry potter
[078-083] kristen stewart
[084-094] lost
[095-096] love actually animated
[097-111] twilight saga
[112-119] skins
[120-133] true blood
[134-158] true blood animated
[003] wallpapers: true blood & ed westwick


i love you a little bit more than that!Collapse )


13 June 2009 @ 03:02 pm
first update from my new laptop - which is uber sexy, btw ;)

[001-006] adam brody animated
[007-014] demi lovato
[015-021] emily browning
[022-037] house animated
[038-046] emmy rossum
[047-059] kristen stewart animated
[060-068] emma watson
[069-092] mtv movie awards - twicast animated
[093-099] mtv movie awards - etc animated
[100-103] twilight: new moon
[104-117] twilight: new moon animated
[]118-123 ashley greene
[124-132] kristen stewart
[133-137] robert pattinson
[138-145] pattinson & stewart
[146-147] twicast
[148-161] willa holland
[162-170] zachary quinto
[003] wallpapers: pattinson, stewart & quinto


you didn't know me before this!Collapse )